Ignoring The Science

There are many things about COVID-19 that are not certain but two facts definitely are. The number of cases and deaths shot up when children went back to school last September and, at this moment, the highest number of transmissions are between schoolchildren.

So, yes, It makes perfect sense to start relaxing the lockdown restrictions by firstly sending all the children back to school at the same time. #wearealldoomed


Ignoring The Science — 2 Comments

  1. I am looking for stats on this side of the pond. The Trump Administration doesn’t seem to have collected them.

    My hunch is that fatalities as a function of infections decline among school children when tracked against adults.

    • With a few tragic exceptions, children do not develop severe symptoms when they catch COVID and they rarely die from it. However, they are, in England, catching it at a greater rate than any other age group because they tend to ignore social distancing advice. Then they pass it on to people in their family who are at risk. Worse than that, the virus will take advantage of the behaviour of children to mutate.