Viewing The Past Through Colourblind Tinted Spectacles

This is a serious question that popped into my head whilst I was watching a clip from "Bridgerton" yesterday.

Will children get the wrong idea about what life was like for people of African descent in Europe and America in the past after watching colourblind casted dramas on TV or at the cinema? By imposing our wishful thinking for the future on the reality of the past, will we dilute past suffering and injustice and risk the possibility of lessening the desire for the transformation of the present?


Viewing The Past Through Colourblind Tinted Spectacles — 2 Comments

  1. Some people pay attention not to what people look like, but to what they do. Appearances are deceiving. Thinking that they are determinative has to be induced. Prejudice has to be carefully taught, as the “South Pacific” song says.

    • Yes. But my point is that colourblind casting in historical dramas might lead to people assuming that prejudice never existed. I have no idea if it will or not.