This Day In Christian History

The Eleventh of February

1790: The Society of Friends (Quakers) presents a petition to Congress calling for the abolition of slavery.

"That from a regard for the happiness of mankind an association was formed several years since in this state by a number of her citizens of various religious denominations for promoting the abolition of slavery & for the relief of those unlawfully held in bondage. A just and accurate conception of the true principles of liberty, as it spread through the land, produced accessions to their numbers, many friends to their cause and a legislative cooperation with their views, which, by the blessing of divine providence, have been successfully directed to the relieving from bondage a large number of their fellow-creatures of the African race. They have also the satisfaction to observe, that in consequence of that spirit of philanthropy and genuine liberty which is generally diffusing its beneficial Influence, similar institutions are gradually forming at home and abroad.

"That mankind are all formed by the same almighty being, alike objects of his care and equally designed for the enjoyment of happiness the Christian religion teaches us to believe and the political creed of America fully coincides with the position. Your memorialists, particularly engaged in attending to the distresses arising from slavery, believe it their indispensable duty to present this subject to your notice. They have observed with great satisfaction, that many important and salutary powers are vested in you for promoting the welfare and securing the blessings of liberty to the people of the United States. And as they conceive, that these blessings ought rightfully be administered, without distinction of colour, to all descriptions of people, so they indulge themselves in the pleasing expectation, that nothing, which can be done for the relief of the unhappy objects of their care, wilt be either omitted or delayed.

"From a persuasion that equal liberty was originally the portion, and is still the birthright of all men, and influenced by the strong ties of humanity and the principles of their institution, your memorialists conceive themselves bound to use all justifiable endeavours to loosen the bands of slavery and promote a general enjoyment of the blessings of freedom. Under these impressions, they earnestly entreat your serious attention to the subject of slavery, that you will be pleased to countenance the restoration of liberty to those unhappy men, who alone, in this land of freedom, are degraded into perpetual bondage, and who, amidst the general joy of surrounding freemen, are groaning in servile subjection, that you will devise means for removing this inconsistency from the character of the American people, that you will promote mercy and justice towards this distressed race, and that you will step to the very verge of the powers vested in you for discouraging every species of traffick in the persons of our fellow men."


1858: Bernadette Soubirous, a fourteen-year-old peasant from Lourdes, France, experiences her first vision of the Virgin Mary. She would have eighteen similar visions during the period the following five months.


1929: The Lateran Treaty is signed by Mussolini and the Holy See, recognising Vatican City as a sovereign state. At a mere one hundred and nine acres, it became the smallest nation in the world.

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