Turn The Other Cheek? Hell No, Says Jamaican Bishop

The organiser of the annual 10,000 Men and Family’s March in Spanish Town (Jamaica) Bishop Rohan Edwards, says the time has come for pastors to arm themselves to protect their congregation from vicious men.

“I made this call before and I am saying again, it’s time for churches to put proper security mechanisms in place to protect the flock, including pastors arming themselves,” he said. “There is a concept in Jamaica where people don’t believe in pastors carrying firearms, but this is a wrong concept. Pastors are human beings and if these men can carry out these acts in broad daylight, you just can’t play with them. I don’t believe that God would punish any pastor if a gunman come into his church and he is met with return fire power. I really don’t think God would hold it against the pastor.”

As an initiative of the annual 10,000 Men and Family’s March, that will be held virtually on the fourteenth of March, Edwards said he would be organising a number of Christian brothers and sisters to go into inner-city communities to speak to young people on the importance of abstaining from violence.

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