The Price Of Incompetence

The U.K. has now suffered its worst civilian loss of life since World War II by a significant number. Some seventy thousand non-combatants perished during the six years of war, including forty thousand in the 1940-41 Blitz alone. Three-quarters of a century later, it's one hundred thousand taken by the pandemic, an enemy no less relentless and fearsome than Nazi Germany was then and one whose defeat is still some time away.

There are many nations in the world where the death rate is nowhere near this high. Although there will be various contributing factors as to why some nations have been far more successful at combatting the virus than others it is obvious, even at this stage of the pandemic, that the number one influencer of fatality numbers is the competence of a nation's government, in particular, it's leader.

There needs to be a reckoning in England and, as the end of the pandemic is far from imminent, it should be now. Lives depend upon it.LikeCommentShare

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