Barefaced Politicians

Why do people in the Scottish Parliament chamber, who are not speaking, not wear facemasks? Nicola Sturgeon was this lunchtime, imploring the Scottish people to do everything they can to prevent the transmission of the coronavirus and the bloke sitting behind her was completely barefaced. When the cameras panned out you could see that nobody else could be bothered to wear a mask. Surely, they do not all suffer from acute asthma.

There is no place in which you are guaranteed not to catch COVID-19. There is no place where taking extra precautions against the virus would be a waste of time. Above all, our representatives in our parliaments and councils should be setting an example par excellence when it comes to following the spirit of the lockdown regulations.

Whatever the answer to my initial question is (and there, no doubt, is one) it is not good enough. In lockdown, more than anytime previously, we are influenced by what we watch on our television screens. Politicians need to stop being so arrogant and get on (their own) message.

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