No Excuse

One of the Trump supporters who stormed the Capitol yesterday said in an interview afterwards that Democrats did not make a fuss about last year's riots that occurred in conjunction with the Black Lives Matter campaign; after all, they resulted in damage to property and bloodshed to a greater extent than yesterday's shenanigans caused.

He was, sadly right. Not only did most Democratic commentators on the BLM spin-off riots only, very unenthusiastically condemn their violence, a lot of them actually stated that they could understand why some black people were smashing up their own neighbourhoods.

For Christians, even bad Christians with anger-management issues like me, violence is not an option. Even under just-war theologies, there is never a circumstance in which a Christian can instigate hostilities. Therefore, we should condemn all violence and vandalism of a similar nature, equally. We should do this not just for the sake of our immortal souls, so to speak, but for good political reasons. By not condemning violence committed by black people and their white, anarchist supporters sufficiently we gave Trump's supporters an excuse to riot and a valid retort to those who condemn them for doing so. Worse than that, we have shown ourselves to be hypocrites.

There is a reason why Jesus was so down on hypocrisy. It is the sin that causes more damage to the reputation of the faith than any other. It stops people listening to the gospel. It is like a huge, metal border fence with razor-wire on top between people and God.


No Excuse — 2 Comments

  1. It is not clear that the violence which accompanied some BLM demonstrations was perpetrated in support of blacks. Some perps were later identified as having come from outside to do damage. Similarly, it is beginning to look like the invaders of the Capitol building were not associated with those who had come to protest what they had been told was a gross violation of their rights. Too many retired military, police, lawyers and corporate people have been identified. One suspects they were counting on inside assistance. The only entities whose powers are diminished by what some call “populism” are the legislators who think of themselves as poobahs.

  2. In respect of the BLM demonstrations, my guess is that the violence, theft and vandalism were carried out by troublemakers from outside the communities and opportunists from within the local communities.

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