On Inept Government

So, the UK has enough vaccine but we have not got the vials to put it in. How long have we known that we would need these vials? Long enough to have built the factories and to have produced more than we could possibly need.

Never have the words "couldn't organise a piss up in a brewery" been so perfectly matched to a situation.

We need to hand over the national response to pandemics to an independent body of experts (both scientific and logistical). Politicians are not qualified to make the decisions necessary and they should not have to be.

We realised this in respect to the setting of interest rates etc. when we removed the Bank of England from direct government control and, it has to be admitted, that worked out well for us. I remember when the U.K. economy was all over the place, changing from day to day because it depended on the underinformed whims of government ministers. Nowadays it is boringly stable in comparison.

People whose main skill is that they can persuade people to vote for them in an election are absolutely no use in our battle against COVID. We need virologists and people who know how to get millions of parcels to millions of different addresses overnight to be in charge of the operation. We have lots of people who can do that exceptionally well but not one of them, it would appear, is a member of Her Majesty's Government.

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