A Folk Nine Lessons And Carols 2020

Here it is! Saint Laika's annual carol service, put together by myself for your listening pleasure. It is just like the traditional nine lessons and carols but all the songs and tunes are from the folk tradition. I hope you enjoy it.


1: Gabriel Fram Heven-King - Silverwood Quartet
2: All Hail To The Days - Lisa Theriot
3: Arise And Hail The Joyful Day - The Mellstock Band
4: Hark! Hark! What News? - Ronald Ellis
5: The Sussex Carol - The Etchingham Steam Band
6: Tomorrow Shall Be My Dancing Day - Megson
7: The Christ Child Lay On Mary's Lap - Becky Mills
8: As Shepherds Watched Their Fleecy Care - Magpie Lane
9: The Shepherds Amazèd - Nowell We Sing Clear
10: Shepherds AriseAndy Turner And Friends
11: The Friendly Beasts - Sufjan Stevens
12: Mi Burrito Sabenero - Calexico Featuring Gaby Moreno
13: The Holly Bears A Berry - The Watersons
14: The Seven Joys Of Mary - Maddy Prior And June Tabor
15: Nowell, Nowell - Kerfuffle
16: King Pharim - Crickmore:Crewe
17: Down In Yon Forest - Show Of Hands
18: Peace On Earth - Adam Carroll
19: The Truth Sent From Above - Atwater-Donnelly


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