A Call For Mutual Respect In The Abortion Debate

Christians who are in favour of abortion, even those who are in favour of them on demand, should be able to understand the reasoning of those Christians who oppose abortion. Pro-lifers do, at least, on the theoretical level, inhabit the moral high ground; pro-choice Christians, in the main, support abortion out of compassionate pragmatism. Both positions are sincerely faith-based.

Dismissing the pro-life movement as some sort of patriarchal plot to maintain male power over women is all about avoiding the real moral issues and, more than that, the accusation is blatantly untrue. The Trump phenomenon has shown beyond doubt that abortion is a matter of primary concern for people, young and old, of both genders and from all socio-economic groups. Both groups need to stop demonising the other and projecting their own fears and hang-ups onto the other. The truth is that they are both right and they are both wrong.

Finding, let alone achieving, a compromise that is morally acceptable to both sides will be difficult. To achieve one, pro-lifers will have to abandon magical-thinking and pro-choicers will have to abandon their rights-obsessed individualism. First, though, there needs to be respect for the sincerity and validity of the beliefs of those on either side of the divide by those on both sides of it.

One thing is for absolute certain, everything must be done to make sure that another dreadful president like Trump does not get into power simply by claiming he or she is against abortion. That needs to be worked for by the politicians and activists of both main parties, but it also needs to be worked for by the leaders and activist of the churches. Otherwise, they are no better than Trump, a spoiled manchild who had to get his own way on everything and fucked up an entire nation whilst attempting to do so.

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