The Crucifixion Of Christ And The COVID-19 Vaccines

The crucifixion of Jesus Christ was an immoral act. Some will claim that it was the most heinous crime ever committed. The immediate result of Christ's crucifixion was a bad thing, namely Christ's death. Yet, the result of this particular immoral act was the salvation of humankind and the gift of eternal life for all who accept it through faith in Christ.

No Christian leader, unless he or she is working for the other side, would ever command their congregations to refuse to accept the wonderful future God is offering us even though it was made possible through deicide. However, many Christian leaders, especially within the Roman Catholic Church and fundamentalist Protestantism are recommending that the people under their spiritual supervision do not accept salvation from COVID-19 because the vaccines that will give us a longer life have been made possible by the use of stem cells taken from an aborted foetus back in the 1960s. Their reasoning is that people should never benefit from a cardinal sin and they believe that the abortion that provided the stem cells was a murder which is very much a cardinal sin.

This reasoning is the reasoning of magical-thinkers rather than that of Christians. Even if it is accepted that abortion, even of a mindless foetus, is murder and, therefore, an immoral act, Christians are not excluded from any good thing that might subsequently come to be assisted by the results of that act. The scientists who use stem cells to develop medicines to cure the sick and vaccines to protect the vulnerable from sickness are not connected to the abortion that provided the cells, they were not part of the decision to abort the foetus, they are not guilty. The scientists are not gods but their role in bringing something good out of something that was bad is akin to the role God embraced when God redeemed the crucifixion of the Son and made possible not just longer life for God's people but eternal life.

When Christians are vaccinated against a disease they are reenacting their redemption through the blood of Christ and physically proclaiming that God can make all things good. To refuse a vaccine against the coronavirus is as self-destroying and illogical as refusing God's grace.

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