B’dum, B’dum

From here in England, the choice of Biden as the Democratic candidate for the presidency was the single most uninspiring party political decision I have ever come across in my life. It was not as if there were no exciting, inspiring game-changers who wanted the job. But, said my American friends, what our country needs now, after four years of Trump's shenanigans, is "boredom."

Garbage! Boring has never changed things for the better and it never will. It is, by its very nature, guaranteed to maintain the status quo and the status quo in the United States is so shit that half the country has twice voted for an evil idiot on the off-chance that being not boring he might just make things less shit.

By voting in Joe Biden the Democrats have paved the way for Trump's return to power in four year's time. The new president might, of course, surprise us all and commit himself to a radical manifesto that would make the politics of the American left exciting again but I very much doubt he has it in him. His paymasters (and American politics is all about the money) will certainly try and stop any move that whiffs even slightly of socialism.

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