All Souls

I have not believed that we have souls, that go to heaven or hell immediately after we die, for many years. Not only is the concept of obvious heathen design it seemed to me to be unscientific. Either a thing exists or it does not. Even my God is matter and energy of some sort as anything else would be nothing at all. My belief has always been in the physical resurrection of the body in the Kingdom of God. However, this begs the questions, where are we and what are we between death and resurrection?

My best guess is that, as everything in the universe is information and that information cannot be removed from existence, our lives (our physical selves at every point of our lives, our experiences, our thoughts, our emotions) are also information that cannot be destroyed. Although it would be a task of unimaginable complexity, it strikes me that the reading of our personal information and its resurrection into a kingdom body form is definitely a scientific possibility. If God, who created the universe by bringing order out of quantum chaos exists, then I suggest that such redemption of all things is not just possible or even probable, it is inevitable.

I do not believe our “information” is sentient. I believe it “rests in peace” as a physical reality within the universe. Heaven, to me, is where God and God’s angels exist; there are no people, not even the most saintly, infecting that divine space. Our place is the universe that God created for us for all time. Our universe is presently a place of finite potential but through God’s grace, it will become an infinite kingdom, capable of containing all of all things, everything of everything, the past and the present and that which is still to come; the information of the universe, our information.

So, now I believe that we do have souls but not in the same way as people who believe their departed loved ones are looking down on them from heaven. This is useful as it allows me to speak of the indestructible totality of individual people, that which makes them what they are in their entirety.

May the information of the faithful departed rest in peace and rise again in glory clothed in the resurrection of Jesus Christ.

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