Giving God The Blues

God don’t hate the Muslims,
God don’t hate the Jews,
God don’t hate the Christians,
but we all give God the blues.
God don’t hate the atheists,
the Buddhists or the Hindus.
God loves everybody,
but we all give God the blues

God ain’t no Republican,
he ain’t no Democrat,
he ain’t even Independent,
God’s above all that.
Bigger than religion,
he’s got a better plan;
the sign says God’s “gone fishin’
for the soul of every man.”

God loves old bartenders,
the preachers, the whores and fools
and that karaoke singer
just a-ruining “Don’t be cruel,”
the winners and the losers,
the prisoners and the free,
all the saints and all the sinners,
even you and even me.

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