Sexual Healing (Not)

In Fiji, a thirty-four-year-old woman has told the Suva High Court that she was informed by a pastor from the Agape Healing Church Ministry that he had to have sex with her to drive out a curse.

The woman says that she had a belief that there is a curse in her family as herself and all her other siblings who got married had not been able to conceive. She believed in the pastor that he would heal her as he had been healing others.

She says when she went to the pastor’s house the following week, he told her that she needed to have sex with another man in order to conceive. He also told her not to have sex with her husband because they were both cursed.

The woman says the pastor then told her to undress and then he raped her, as he had said that the holy spirit had spoken to him and he had to deliver her. She said the next morning, the pastor told her that she would also have to have sex with another pastor for the curse to be lifted.

Waisake Tulavu is accused of raping two women in his church and sexually assaulting another woman. The trial continues.

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