Goats But Not Water, Insists Priest

There was anger at a Catholic church in Gboko Local Government Area of Benue State, Nigeria, when the priest in charge of the church rejected the Thanksgiving offertory of packages of bottled water from a family.

A family who came before the altar had brought tubers of yams and packages of bottled water for a Thanksgiving for the birthday of their daughter and memorial service for their late father. But to their shock the priest rejected the gifts.

“Nobody should ever bring bottled water before this altar as offertory for Thanksgiving. I commend the man that brought a big goat for Thanksgiving. Let me warn you, nobody should ever bring bottled water here for Thanksgiving, we are not at a burial ceremony please,” he told the congregation.

This action of the priest did not go down well. The congregation angrily abandoned the service and hurled insults at the priest.

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