I’ve Got A Bible And I’m Not Afraid To Use It

Marion County deputies arrested a man wearing nothing but his underpants and a black rosary around his neck, in connection to a burglary in Ocala. According to the arrest report, a homeowner said 39-year-old Robert Hoskins admitted to breaking into the man’s home. He stole clothes among other things.

When deputies arrived on the scene last Tuesday, Hoskins became aggressive and told deputies “I condemn you”.

He then threw a bible at a deputy, hitting him in the face.

Deputies used a taser on Hoskins and took him into custody. He then defecated on himself and told the arresting officers that God told him to break into the home to rescue the owner's daughter.

The arrest report includes Hoskins' wife saying he "does have a drug problem."

This is what happens when a nation allows unrestricted bible ownership and the carrying of bibles in public. I've heard that in America, bibles are even allowed in some churches, especially evangelical ones. What is the world coming to?

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