Lockdown Update

The local lockdown has been made even stricter where I live. The new measures will mean that people from different households will be banned under the law from socialising indoors in any setting, including pubs or restaurants, and would face fines for doing so. We will still be able to go to the pub with members of our own household. But I am a bit worried about the vagueness of this new dispensation. For a start, what is socialising? I assume that crossing the floor of a pub to shake hands with a complete stranger would be a very naughty thing to do. But what if I look up from my glass of beer and, without thinking, smile at a friend sitting on the other side of the room. Technically, that must be regarded as social interaction. If Priti Patel was sitting in a corner keeping her beady eye on us to make sure we were all behaving, would she immediately grass me up to to the police, resulting in my being fined ten thousand pounds on the spot?

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