Prophet Of Power Predicts Election Result

In Trinidad, Pastor Devan Narine, who calls himself Bishop De Van Narine, is claiming that he prophesied correctly that Keith Rowley would be reelected as prime minister.

Narine is the little-known but controversial founder and head preacher of Prophetic & Apostolic Ministries International. He first attracted attention in April, shortly after the arrival of the covid19 pandemic, when he told followers via a Facebook post that they were required to pay tithes to the church from relief grants and hampers provided by the State.

He wrote, "Remember to pay your tithes from your grants and hampers. ten per cent belongs to the Lord’s Church."

It was circulated widely. Within days he responded to the criticism, posting,

"Those who object to believers giving tithes and offerings now are demonic!"

On his Facebook page, he describes himself as, "God's prophet of power and prosperity to his people. Pioneer, pastor, prophet, psalmist and preacher."

In addition to cancelling people's debt supernaturally, he says he can rid generational curses, hexes, spells, witchcraft, obeah, evil eye, necromancy, spirit wives/husbands, incubus, sleep paralysis and serpentine spirits.

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