Randy Muslim Cleric Who Dissed Women Is Very Sorry

In Parkwood, Johannesburg, the religious leader, Dawood Sampson has been forced to retract and issue an apology for his “derogatory” statements about women posted in videos that have since gone viral on Facebook. Sampson comments in at least two videos on the social media platform that were made under the guise of polygamy and his upcoming nuptials to his second wife, which he claims to be under Sharia law.

In one of the videos, Sampson said: “If there are men who still got it, then get yourself a love bird. You can have, like a cock has two, three hens, come on men, we are cocks and get those hens”

In another video, promoting a ten-week “marriage course with a difference”, Sampson said, “a wife is cute when she is mute and a husband is honey when he gives money."

The videos sparked an online petition which has garnered more than 2000 signatures and called for the Muslim Judicial Council (MJC) to address the “issues of toxic masculinity by Islamic leadership."

In his apology, Sampson said: “It was regrettably misconstrued to undermine and be disrespectful to our women. Sometimes it is not good to say things in jest. Please accept my heartfelt and humble apology.”

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