Crying Over Spilt Milk

In India, a priest and a devotee have landed up at the police station for allegedly abusing each other over the matter of pouring milk at a Khadia temple.

Raju Shah, a sixty-three-year-old cutlery businessman, told police that he visited Mahadev temple and that the moment he was done pouring milk on the Shivling, a priest, Perth Bhatt, approached him and told him that only some amount of milk is supposed to be poured on the Shivling while the rest was to be deposited in a bucket kept there. Shah
claimed that Bhatt abused him. He also alleged that Bhatt’s wife and aunt joined the priest in abusing him.

However. in a cross-complaint filed by Bhatt, he claimed that Shah had poured milk from the pot in such a way that it dripped onto the floor of the inner sanctum. Bhatt told police that when he asked Shah not to block the way and not to spill milk on the floor, the businessman and his wife began abusing him. He claimed that the couple left and returned with their sons and acquaintances who allegedly abused and
bashed him up.

Shah has filed a complaint with Khadia police against Bhatt, his wife and aunt whereas Bhatt has filed a complaint against Shah. his wife. sons and other acquaintances. An investigation is underway.

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