Passing Thoughts Of A Mad Priest (on the wearing of masks)

In England, it is now the law that we have to wear facemasks in shops, on public transport and in most other indoor public spaces. Some people, such as those with breathing difficulties, are exempt from having to do so.

The wearing of masks stops the passing on of the virus far more effectively than it stops the contracting of the virus. A person wearing a mask is still very likely to catch the virus from a person not wearing a mask.

Therefore, should people who cannot wear a mask for health reasons be banned from going into places where the wearing of a mask is compulsory for everyone else? Is the right to be protected from the virus greater than the right to go where you want to go?

As someone who, on the whole, relies on Utilitarian thinking to influence my ethical decisions, I favour the exclusion of all people not wearing a facemask from all indoor areas open to the public. The possible harm that can be caused by not wearing masks is greater than the inconvenience and psychological harm caused by excluding those unable to wear masks from indoor public spaces.

I am asthmatic.

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