Passing Thoughts Of A Sacked Priest

It is difficult to get a job outside of your own ethnic community in England if you are black and, even more so, if you are of South Asian or Semitic descent. There is no doubt that this is because of racism in many instances. However, I would not be surprised if the main reason for this inequality is non-racist racial discrimination based on the instinct for self-preservation. To put it bluntly, employers avoid offering an interview (let alone a job) to people from certain ethnicities because they fear that any disciplinary action they might have to take against that person should they employ them would be met with accusations of racism and possible expensive legal actions against them. I know that this policy is followed in progressive and public institutions as well as in more conservative ones. The problem is that employees from minority ethnic backgrounds often do perceive actions taken against them by their employers as being of a racist nature. I expect sometimes they are right but my guess is that in most cases they are being treated exactly the same as everyone else, which is probably unfairly because there are a heck of a lot of bad employers out there who treat all their employees unfairly whatever their skin colour. So, we have a situation where good laws that are there to protect people from discrimination have led to even more discrimination. I have absolutely no idea how this situation can be remedied.

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