The End Of Being Different

My colleague at Saint Laika's (and good friend), Tim, posts a meditation every day on our Facebook page that is usually based on the life of a good person. To get onto the Saint Laika's calendar you have to have done or been something special. Just being a pope, founder of a monastic order or theologian of renown is not enough to make the cut. Therefore, placing the Saint Laika saints into a hierarchy of saintliness should be very difficult if not impossible. Yet, the difference in the number of likes each post gets shows that our visitors do see a great difference between the worthiness of the people we commemorate at Saint Laika's. Sadly, it is all very predictable and politically correct. For example, this morning Tim posted a piece of the Philadelphia Eleven (the first women to be ordained in The Episcopal Church in America) and already fourteen people have clicked on the "like" button. Yesterday, Tim told us about the last person to be burned at the stake by the Spanish Inquisition for heresy and that received a mere four likes. Recently, the commemoration of two great, Protestant preachers of the nineteenth century with fundamentalist leanings received a total of one like, and that was from me.

People are so fecking predictable nowadays. Original thought is not only rare, but it is also aggressively frowned upon. It is so sad.

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