Gay Arabs Almost Non-Existent, Claims Arab MP

Following a vote in the Knesset (Israel Parliament) to ban conversion therapy in the country, Walid Taha, from the Arab-majority Joint List party, called the bill in his view “particularly problematic" and that it went against the views of “the vast majority of the society that elected him.”

He told Israel's national broadcaster, Kan, that the “phenomenon of gays is almost nonexistent in Arab society," adding that, if it exists at all, it is “of limited dimensions.”

"The issue is not debated in Arab society" and "if it exists, it is on a very small scale, and those who suffer from it are in no rush to identify themselves," he said, adding that he felt that same-sex relationships were unnatural.

Homosexuals "have the right to undergo treatment to change their sexual character," he continued. "This law prevents them from [receiving] treatment that would bring them back to a normal state."

Knesset member Walid Taha attends a committee session organised by the Joint List party at the Knesset, on November19, 2019. Photo by Olivier Fitoussi/Flash90 *** Local Caption *** ווליד טהא הרשימה משוטפת

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