Church Hopes To Save Souls Through Petrol Giveaway

In Monrovia, Liberia, more than two hundred commercial motorcyclists turned out to attend a morning service at Harvest Christian Church International, after hearing that each one of them would receive two gallons of gasoline.

During the service, Reverend Tailey Wulu Garley, Senior Pastor of the church, told the motorcyclists that they still have time in their favour, urging them to “repent and turn to God while they are still young”.

“Don’t allow the money you are making to turn your back on God; everyone will account for his or her own life when you appear before the creator. You can have all of the nice cars and surplus money on earth you will not account for it when you are gone; you are only going to account for your own life and explain to God how did you live it while on earth,” Rev. Garley told the commercial bikers.

Speaking to FrontPageAfrica during the distribution of the gasoline to motorcyclists after the one-hour devotion service, Rev. Garley said the donation was a way of capturing the attention of motorcyclists to listen to the words of God.

He added that many motorcyclists are stereotyped as people who do not have a bright “future and people always look down upon them”.

“This is the notion I am trying to dispel; these guys can be good people in society if they continue listening to the word of God. They shouldn’t be treated like an outcast,” he said.

He was quick to clarify that he has no political motive but is only interested in getting motorcyclists closer to God before it gets too late.

Many of the motorcyclists thanked the Liberian prelate for the inspiration and expressed interest in joining his congregation.

“For me, I came for gas but what the pastor told us that we should not follow money and forget about God, it makes sense. Even if I don’t get gas here today, I will come to church here and worship God here,” one of the motorcyclists told FPA as he approached the queue to get his two gallon of gasoline.

Another motorcyclist, Junior Morris, said for the past one week he has been attending the church service since he heard about the free gasoline. He added that the message by the pastor was inspiring.

“I thank God for the Church; I am going to get my membership because I came for gas, but I want to be a changed man and don’t want to die in sin,” he confessed.

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