Adulterous Bishop Murdered

In Kenya, a clergyman who eloped with a married woman last year has been murdered. The body of Francis Mugweru, the bishop of Joyspring Soul Winning Worship church, was found in a thicket three hundred metres from his Kiganjo home in Thika sub-county last Friday. He is said to have been dragged from his home on Thursday night and clobbered to death. The body had deep cuts and the head was hit with a blunt object.

Mugweru and his wife Agnes Wangivi separated in 2013 after thirty-four years of marriage. They have three children. He rented a house in the neighbourhood for the woman he took away from the husband. She is a mother of five, but two of the children were left with the father.

The bishop accused his wife of infidelity and threatening to kill him at the time he announced he had found solace and peace in his new partner.

“She sold our vehicle and several cows and used the money to advance her adulterous escapades. I have also been living in fear in my own home because she threatened to kill me,” Mugweru alleged.

At Joy Spring Worship Church, worshippers led by the Rev Lincoln Mwaniki, described the pioneer of evangelical churches in Juja as a calm and loving man.

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