Poverty Is Not Racist

The northeast of England, where I live, has been one of the most deprived areas in England ever since Thatcher closed the mines and started to dismantle our heavy industry. We have had the highest number of deaths (per capita) from COVID-19 in the country; fourteen in my small, former mining village alone. Yet we possibly have the smallest BAME population in England outside of Norwich. It is obviously poverty and under-investment that affects health not the colour of a person's skin. But it suits politicians of all stripes if they can convince us that it is only the BAME communities that are the victims of unemployment and poor housing. It also suits them very well if the white folk at the bottom are fighting the black folk at the bottom rather than getting together and taking the money off those with more than enough money. We fall for their divide and rule tactics every fecking time and they even manage to make us feel guilty for their sins.


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