Pastor Attacks Youth With Pants Down

In Christchurch, New Zealand, Murray Watkinson, the millionaire founder of Wainoni’s Celebration Centre, has been heavily criticised online after giving an offensive sermon in which he claims to be a victim because he is “white and old”. In the sermon on the ninth of June, he also called George Floyd a “villain” and said bisexuals are “gutless”.

In a video of the service posted on YouTube, Watkinson claims he wants to be “controversial and upset people if possible”.

“If you can actually stand in covenant, in relationship, in commitment for a lifetime, you’re becoming a minority. So if you’re a minority then you might also be a victim,” he said in the sermon.

“I feel I might be a victim. I’ve been married too long, I’m also a victim because I’m white and old and have some financial substance.”

He also attacked young people in society “that want to be black”.

“Yo man, they’re pants are down here. Not because they’re well endowed, their pants are just down there. They’ve got the black clothes, the black hair, the black attitude going on bro. They’ve got it all going on and you look at them and you think, ‘oh my goodness’. Talk about an identity crisis.”

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