Australian Meteorite Signals End Of The World

Dozens of the mine nightshift workers in Western Australia’s Pilbara region witnessed a bizarre-coloured fireball streaking through the sky in the early hours of Monday morning. The space rock emitted a green glow intense enough to illuminate the clouds as it flew past and lasted so long, several workers were able to capture the event on their phones.

One of the observers shouted out “It’s aliens!” but experts have since suggested that the event was either a meteorite hurtling towards the earth or a “grazing fireball.”

However, Paul Begley, a “preacher” who hosts “The Coming Apocalypse” series on US TV, is convinced this is further proof that the end of the world is nigh.

He told viewers, “It was incredible and it was very neon green, but it’s exactly what Mike from Around the World said was going to happen.”

Mike from Around the World is another conspiracy theorist who often features in pastor Begley’s broadcasts and who believes natural cosmic phenomena are signs of the end times.

Pastor Begley went on to say, “It’s gonna get very intense guys, we’re gonna see all kinds of different things happening. So it’s very important that people realise in the last days the Bible talks about brimstone and fire falling from the heavens, and the Earth is going to be going through a lot. The heavens are shaking and quaking, the Earth is going to be shaking. Volcanic eruptions, earthquakes, megaquakes, tsunamis, cyclones, typhoons, strong monsoons, Blood Moons, pontoons, all of it’s going to be happening in these end times and I don’t think people are ready. I know they’re not ready for the signs in the heavens.”

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