Basic Instincts

What if racism has nothing to do with slavery and imperialism or that such things are mere accidentals? What if racism was simply down to the natural inclination of all people, to a greater or lesser extent, to be fearful of the other, of that which is different, of those who are from a different "tribe?" If the latter is true then how society combats racism would have to be radically different from how liberal society is doing so at this moment in time. The notion that there are good people and bad people would have to go, along with the shaming techniques that are the preferred tools of those holding to such a world view. Accepting that xenophobia is just part of being human would bring us together instead of splitting us into two tribes and this might just lead to calm discussion and the exploration of ways that we could all rise above our natural instincts in the same way that we have overcome many other basic instincts.

Unfortunately, it is unlikely that we could ever be this dispassionate about the issue as people love to feel superior to other people (racists to people of other races and those who think they are not racist to those they class as unenlightened) and they also love a good war far more than they like a good discussion.

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