This Is Not America

In the USA, racism is linked inextricably to slavery and segregation. In England, racism is not linked to either of those things as they never happened here. Neither is English racism linked to British imperialism, much as the Guardian’s snowflake columnists would like it to be. No, our racism is bog-standard, no-frills xenophobia mixed with the desire, especially among the working classes, to blame “the other” for the shit we have to put up with such as low pay and poor public services. This needs to be accepted by those campaigning for racial equality in England if they are to be successful in reducing racism. It’s no good tearing down the statues of long-dead slave traders as they mean nothing to us and we don’t feel guilty for such sins of the past in the same way that Americans do. It would be more effective to get us to realise that it is not the migrants who are working for next to nothing who are the cause of us working for next to nothing but the bastard who pays both them and us next to nothing and then pockets the profits of his or her exploitation, often without paying the appropriate tax on them.


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  1. Actually I think it’s mostly Episcopalians who seem consumed with the guilt thing and in typical supremacist fashion the story becomes all about them and thwarting real black agency. Our illustrious bishops of course have aligned themselves with the BLM movement for reparations supporting a broad set of ‘progressive’ beliefs, which includes the idea we live in an oppressive patriarchy and that men (white) who work now should be required to step back so that(instead of a true and full account i.e. history) a litany of hypothetical, indefinable and prejudicial historical wrongs might be righted (this even though those who do the righting weren’t those who committed the prejudicial crimes,.., and those who benefit are those who weren’t the victims).“
    As for England, which I confess I know little about( I think I stopped watching during the Princess Di’s funeral affair though I did peek at Bishop Curry’s gawdawful off the mark wedding speech) and therefore I should of course offer my trenchant analysis. I think the global party of Davos has been busy boiling the frogs and it finally got too hot, This united quite a lot of people becoming impoverished by them. The party of Davos is ill served by nationalism and English patriots and they will of course unleash the necessary countervailing forces of name-callers and pearl clutchers against conservatives wishing to preserve their culture and the localization of political power, Such urbane cosmopolitans will sellout whatever country they reside in and to which they truly owe no allegiance, to the highest bidder.
    In short mass importing workers is the best way to keep your citizens impoverished as you export their jobs overseas. So a healthy dose of xenophobia is to be expected but as you observe neither xenophobia or racism is the real cause of the moral rot and public discontent. I think I just described my country.

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