Hand Sanitiser Banned From Sunni Shrine

Mufti Nashtar Farooqi, a cleric at the Dargah Aala Hazrat shrine in Bareilly, India, has urged his followers to shun all alcohol-based hand-sanitisers.

“A mosque will become impure if an alcohol-based sanitiser is used for cleaning the premises. We cannot make God’s home impure. Namaaz (worship) cannot be offered at an impure place. If the mosque is made impure knowingly, it will be a sin.”

I’m reasonably certain that it is the drinking of alcohol that Allah frowns upon but, on the other hand, we know from Donald Trump’s promotion of bleach drinking that it is very easy to completely ignore the warning on the label; so perhaps it is a good idea to avoid alcohol-based products altogether if you are a good Muslim.

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