Twats Against Racism

According to protesters in London, black lives matter but the
lives of the elderly and vulnerable of any skin shade do not.


Twats Against Racism — 2 Comments

  1. Jonothan,

    This disappointed me, because I think you know better. I have been a long time supporter of yours, and have read much of what you have written. It is because of the quality of your spirit that I have supported you, and continue to do so.
    Protesters are not saying that the lives of the elderly and vulnerable, or of whites, or police officers, are not valuable.
    Imagine if a pediatrician said “Children should be given nourishing food”. Nobody would say (I hope) that the pediatrician felt that adults didn’t deserve nourishing food. Of course, everyone should get nourishing food. But the focus of the pediatrician is on children, just as the focus of the BLM protesters is on people of colour, and how they are being treated.

  2. I am assuming that because they did not maintain anywhere near the correct amount of social distancing that they do not care for those of us who will die if we catch COVID-19. By their actions we must know them.