Sturgeon Shows Johnson How To Do It Properly

I dislike Nicola Sturgeon, the leader of the Scottish National Party and First Minister of Scotland. I think she has prospered by stirring up hatred and she lies about her nation's history. Worst of all she is hellbent on substantially changing my world and I have enough of a problem coping with the inevitable small changes in life without having to deal with the cataclysmic. However, I have to admit that watching her coronavirus press conferences on BBC Scotland has been delightful and a refreshing change from the road-crash press conferences of the English contingent. They have been masterclasses in how to stay calm and not panic. She even, dare I say it, comes across as actually being in control of the situation and not appearing to be completely out of her depth, unlike the prime minister down in Downing Street. Mind you, she is in a much better position than Boris Johnson. All the Scottish, Welsh and Northern Irish parliaments have to do is to keep the easing of their lockdown slightly behind what the English leaders are recommending and they will never make the first mistake. That must take the pressure off.

All this leads me to wonder if the United Kingdom can avoid becoming a federation of nations after the pandemic is over. For the past three months we, in England, have been watching politicians in Westminster only referring to England. To switch back to regarding Johnson as the leader of all the nations of the United Kingdom will be difficult. Personally, I think it is now completely illogical for England not to have its own parliament even though having to cope with such a huge change might make my head explode.

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