Crazy Baldheads

In Myanmar, Scuffles broke out outside a monastery where hardline Buddhists yesterday gathered to seek mob justice against a man whose sharp-tongued criticism was deemed an insult to the religion. Hundreds gathered outside a monastery in Meiktila to take matters into their own hands two days after Kyaw Win Thant, a thirty-one-year-old doctor, faulted conservative Buddhist monks online for opposing a new senior school sex education program.

He had written, “The baldies do not know about sex education because they were never taught before. But they watch so much porn. The baldies are the most horny.”

He said monks from a local monastery in Meiktila watch porn, go to brothels and place bets on soccer matches. He also complained in one comment that monks and soldiers do not contribute to society.

“These strong men do not do any fucking work or do not pay fucking taxes. Soldiers and monks are exploiting our hard-earned money,” he insisted.

Screenshots of his post along with his personal photos were posted several times by Buddhists calling for retaliation.

Kyaw Win Thant is in police custody and has been charged with blasphemy. He has apologised to the monks.

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