In Northern Ireland, a Roman Catholic priest was left red-faced at the weekend when he accidentally played the intro to loyalist song "The Sash My Father Wore" during Sunday morning Mass.

The incident happened at the end of the 11.30am service at Holy Cross Catholic Church in Lisnaskea where Father Jimmy McPhillips was livestreaming to members of his congregation. The parish priest could be seen using a device to line-up the music, but immediately looked confused when the famous Orange Order song began playing.

So sure I'm an Ulster Orangeman, from Erin's isle I came,
to see my British brethren all of honour and of fame,
and to tell them of my forefathers who fought in days of yore,
that I might have the right to wear the sash my father wore.

Unfazed, the priest quickly restored order and played the track he had originally intended to, "Footprints In The Sand" by Leona Lewis.

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