Washing Underpants Is The Way To A Happy Marriage

In Ghana, the lead singer of the renowned Gospel group, Daughters of Glorious Jesus, Cynthia Agyare Appeadu, has disclosed that in her home, she performs all her duties as a wife, including washing her husband’s underwear. She revealed that when she is in her matrimonial home, there is no such thing as her husband being suppressed because she is a celebrity.

Speaking for herself and her sisters, Mrs Appeadu said, “When we are home, we are wives. We put the celebrity life aside and perform our marital duties. If you come to my house, I do everything. Since my husband and I got married till date, I have been washing his singlets, boxers and all his underwear."

Cynthia insists that in their matrimonial homes, celebrities must perform their responsibilities as wives and by so doing, there will be no problems in the marriage.

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