An Important COVID-19 Update

In Japan, a nineteenth century “anti-plague demon” of Japanese folklore has been reborn as a mascot in the fight against the coronavirus. It’s even being used to help sell a new healthy type of vitamin C-laden dessert.

The pet in question: a humanoid fish “yokai” (“demon” or “spirit”) called “Amabie”.

In Japanese folklore, Amabie lives on the Kumamoto coast and often tells humans that see him, “Draw me and show people, so you can be disease-free.”

Amid the coronavirus pandemic, the demon Amabie has appeared across Japan, in many different ways. Amabie has resurfaced as a pet and internet meme used by artists, chefs and even the Japan Ministry of Health as a symbol of hope to fight COVID-19.

Now Amabie is trying to get you to eat a “healthy” pudding from the Japanese company Nakauraya. The pudding is layered with yuzu citrus jelly and is apparently packed with vitamin C. It will barely keep you safe from COVID-19, but it could help prevent a cold.

If you want to find more Japanese demon products, there is also Amabie IPA beer and adorable demon doughnuts.

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