A Better North-South Divide

It's a simple idea, but one which could save half the population of England. All we have to do is move everybody who lives north of Watford Gap who isn't worried about catching COVID-19 and who doesn't give a damn if other people live or die, to the south of Watford Gap. Then we move everyone who lives south of Watford Gap who wants to avoid catching the disease and who is happy to go out of their way to enable other people to avoid catching it as well, to the north of Watford Gap.

We live in a nation whose people are either libertarian or communitarian. We might as well make this a geographical divide as well. We could then have the north in lockdown and the south with no restrictions without anybody getting all stressed out.

All medical staff would be moved to the north of England. If the non-lockdowners in the south go down with coronavirus then fuck 'em. It's their own stupid fault. It's not like they haven't been warned.

P.S. I can't see why this couldn't be applied in any other country where a large number of the inhabitants are selfish bastards.

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