It Is Never Too Late

The veteran Ghanaian actor Oboy Siki says he has changed his womanizing ways and is now ready to take up the cross and follow Christ his saviour. In a previous interview, he touted his sexual prowess and claimed that he preferred to sleep around rather than own properties. Now he says he sometimes even forgets that women exist. According to him, he would be a fool to still go around sleeping with women at his age and so he has totally given up that lifestyle.

Oboy has revealed that he wants to be an evangelist, and if he takes his Bible and preaches the word of God before he dies he will have achieved a lot and he will be happy.

When asked what he has seen that has caused him to make such a decision, Oboy revealed that everybody will die, and it would be very foolish on his part not to seek the face of the Lord before that happens.

“Remember that we will all die, and when we die we will face judgement. I am not a fool to at this whiles I am nearing my death keep living a promiscuous lifestyle,” he added.

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