God To Unleash New Occupation Specific Virus

Malawian self-styled prophet Frank Zebron of God’s Will Church of All Nations has prophesied that a deadlier virus than Covid-19 will attack the world but it will only target those in authorities who are corrupt.

He revealed, during his mid-week service at his Mchengautuba congregation in Mzuzu, that God is angry with what is happening in the world because leaders are oppressing people either through corrupt means or bad governance.

“God is angry with the world and it’s leaders. He revealed to me that he will send a deadly virus that will only attack those in authority like prophets, presidents, cabinet ministers, members of parliament, kings and others if they do not seek his intervention," said Zebron.

He added: “The leaders should lead their subjects to righteousness. If they fail to do so God will punish them and they will die miserably.”

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