It Was Lust That Made Him Do It

Ghanaian preacher, Bishop Daniel Obinim, head of the International God's Way Church, has confessed to giving in to lust on multiple occasions despite his steadfastness and faith in God and Christianity. This revelation followed the allegation, made by his former junior pastor, Wisdom, on live TV, that the so-called bishop had cajoled him into raping his sister by saying it was God’s directive.

Obinim responded to the accusation by claiming that God has never directed him to have a sexual encounter with women and that he has never directed anyone to have sex on the basis that it was God's commandment.

“God has never directed me to have sex with women as part of a spiritual directive,” he said. “If I lay any woman, it’s because of lust.”

He, however, stated that if someone says he or she was directed by God to sleep with women as a spiritual directive, he won’t argue.

Obinim said he will expel any church member or his junior pastors if they sleep with someone’s girlfriend or wife. For him, this is something he cannot tolerate.

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