At Eighteen Pence A Cup, Miracle Cure Is No Rip-Off

In Tanzania, the once-famous church priest turned herbalist, Ambilikile Masapila (a.k.a. the Grandfather of Loliondo), who had a runaway success with a herbal concoction eight years ago, has emerged again claiming the potency of the traditional mixture. Speaking at his home he challenged health experts to test his herbal formula in treating Covid-19 infections, saying the ‘God’ inspired herbal drink can solve the problem which is baffling the entire world.

“I am quite aware that, there are some people who are opposing both me and my remedial brew but let them know that this cure was given to me by God and all who believe in it, will be healed.”

But there is a catch; God has told Masapila that the cure can only be administered from his home.

“All sick people should be brought here, take the herbal drink and see for themselves if it works or not; But I guarantee that it is effective,” he claimed.

At the peak of his famed herbal cure, between 2011 and 2013, Masapila administered his services to more than seven million people for five hundred shillings (twenty-two American cents) a cup. So not a rip off by any means.

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