True Sacrifice

Are we social distancing because we do not want to die or because we do not want other people to die?

For me, it is emotionally the former and intellectually the latter. Although it is the desire for my own survival that makes me automatically cross the road if I see someone else approaching when I am out for my daily exercise, I would still behave exactly the same if there was no chance whatsoever of me catching the virus. My lack of emotional compassion does not bother me as I value reason higher than emotion and I am proud of the fact that humans are capable of doing what they believe to be right even though, as individuals, they don’t actually give a damn. True sacrifice is intellectual, not emotional. Altruism that is informed by reason is more authentic than instinctive altruism.

Of course, there are people who naturally put others before themselves because that is how they are wired. But they are soppy gits who would be no use whatsoever in a fistfight.

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