Alternative Saint Of The Day

Beuno Gasulsych (a.k.a. Beunor, Benno and Bennow) was said to have been born at Berriew in Powys in about 545 A.D.and to have been the grandson of a prince of the local dynasty, which descended from Vortigern, king of Britain. He was, it is said, the grand-nephew of King Arthur of Camelot.

After education and ordination in the monastery at Bangor in northern Wales, he became an active missionary with the support of Cadfan, king of Gwynedd.

Cadfan's son and successor Cadwallon deceived Beuno about some land and when the saint demanded justice, proved unsympathetic. Thereupon, Cadwallon's cousin Gwyddaint "gave to God and Beuno forever" his land at Clynnog Fawr on the Llŷn peninsula.

Beuno established his own monastery at the site and died there peacefully on the seventh day of Easter, 640 A.D. (perhaps).

Beuno is credited with raising seven people from the dead, including his cousin, Aelhaiarn and his niece, the virgin Winefride. When Winefride was beheaded by a jilted suitor, Beuno placed the severed head back on the body and she lived. People still sit sick children on the great stone slab of his tomb in hopes of their healing although nobody has tried the severed head trick recently.

He is the patron saint of diseased cattle.

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