Lawyer In Coronavirus Mystery

Louisianan lawyer, Jeff Wittenbrink, is on oxygen at Baton Rogue General, struggling to breathe after coming down with the coronavirus.

Speaking from his hospital bed Thursday, Wittenbrink said he was baffled as to how he contracted the disease.

'I went to Albertson's twice a day. I went to Sam's. I went to Walmart. I went to Lowe's. I used the gas pumps. I mean I just wasn't careful. God knows where I got it."

He made no mention of the fact that he could possibly have picked up the virus (or passed it on to others) at the Life Tabernacle megachurch, where he attended two services earlier this month.

Wittenbrink is helping to represent Life Tabernacle's pastor Reverend Tony Spell, who is preparing to mount a legal challenge against Louisiana Governor John Bel Edwards who has placed restrictions on religious gatherings.

Spell has been charged with six counts of violating Edwards' orders to close his church to the public amid the pandemic.

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