Typical Turk Offends Bagel Boss

Larah Bross, the Jewish owner of the bagel chain, Bross Bagels, in Scotland, said she was “shocked” after the landlord of one of her stores called her request for an alternative rent payment because of the coronavirus crisis “typical Jewish behaviour.”

Landlord Mario Aydemir Demirezen, currently in Turkey for private medical care, told a reporter that, “She is a clever Jewish lady and she is taking advantage of COVID-19 and making more than anyone else. When I say "typical Jewish," I mean they are the richest people in the world and very clever people. She should be proud of her Jewish identity. Jewish people are always clever and there’s nothing wrong with that, she should be proud.”

Edinburgh Council leader Adam McVey* in a tweet called Demirezen’s comments “disgraceful” and “casual anti-Semitism.”

*"Oy McVey" is an exclamation indicating dismay or grief employed mainly by Scottish Yiddish speakers

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