A ( Very Short ) Good Friday Sermon

The coronavirus is a punishment for our sins.

God is not punishing us. God has no need to do so as the communal sins of humankind invariably give rise to their own punishments. COVID-19 is primarily a punishment for our arrogant ecological sins. We have infested the world like out-of-control parasites, pushing aside all other species to the point of their extinction. We are greedy and entitled, assuming it is our inalienable right to breed unrestricted. We take far more than the world can sustainably provide for us, let alone what the world can sustainably provide for all the creatures that call it their home. And we have blasphemed by claiming that God has commanded us to dominate the earth, which we, out of our selfishness and greed, assume means to carelessly exploit it.

God did not create a passive world. Its ecosystems are dynamic and connected. Like our own bodies, the earth will seek to destroy that which is attacking it. It is typical of humankind that the more our science informs us of this fact, the more we ignore it.

God is not punishing us. We are punishing ourselves.

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