The Phantom Raspberry Blower of Texas

Televangelist Kenneth Copeland has appeared in a bizarre video where he reveals the cure for the coronavirus is to simply 'blow it away.'

In the video, he eighty-three-year-old Texas pastor who is estimated to be worth seven hundred and sixty million dollars, explains how warm winds and heat and "blowing the virus away" will bring a timely end to the pandemic.

"Wind! Almighty! Strong! South wind! Heat! Burn this thing! In the name of Jesus. Satan, bow your knees. Fall on your face!'" Copeland yells into the camera.

There is a moment of silence before he blows a raspberry calling it 'the wind of God.'

"I blow the wind of God on you! You are destroyed forever and you will never be back! Thank you! Let it happen! Cause it to happen!"

He made a point of urging viewers to continue paying tithes despite many losing their jobs.


The Phantom Raspberry Blower of Texas — 2 Comments

    • He can’t even claim that he’s suffering from senility because he has always been completely out to lunch.